Vaginal Cancer Symptom

What is vaginal cancer symptom?

Vaginal cancer often does not cause early symptoms and may be found during a routine pelvic exam and Pap test. When symptoms occur, they may be caused by vaginal cancer or by other conditions. There are several symptoms for vaginal cancer:

    • Bleeding

Bleeding when you are not having a period or after menopause. This is the most common symptom and you may have bleeding after sex. Normally those diagnosed with cancer of the vagina is bleeding. Women are often bleeding from the vagina not on the period or after menopause please consult your doctor for advice. Most cases of vaginal cancer are experiencing these symptoms.

    • Pain during sexual intercourse

One of the vaginal cancer symptoms is pain during sexual intercourse. Many of the women ignore this sign. This is because they thought the pain was normal for a woman after having sex. If the effect of the pain does not go away after a week of having sex, you should see a doctor to have it checked.

    • Vaginal discharge that smells or is blood stained

Most of women who have vaginal cancer problems face to unpleasant vaginal odor. This is due to damaged cells in the vaginal odor. Usually those who experience these symptoms are in stage 3 and 4.

    • A lump or growth in the vagina

Women with this type of cancer also have a lump or growth in the vagina. But not all of the women experienced of this problem. Most people who suffer from this problem are due to a tumor that had become cancerous.

    • A vaginal itch

Itching in the vaginal area also one of the vaginal cancer symptom. The cancer will cause itching and discomfort for the patient. For those who suffer from this condition are severe please consult a doctor to ask the drug-resistant itch.

    • Pain when passing urine

Most cases of vaginal cancer have a pain when passing urine is at a higher level such as level 3 and 4. It is because; at this stage vaginal structure is in dire straits and will feel pain when passing urine.



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